A Hand-written letter…

When I looked at my name on the front of the envelope, I could tell it had been scribed by a lady of some age. And, although she had my name (hypenated last name and all) correct, and the address (new 911 listing, mind you) correct, I had absolutely no idea who Mrs. Kittle of Maryland might be.

And, the inside letter began,

“I don’t know you, and you don’t know me — but you have made me so-o happy.”

Turns out that Mrs. Kittle is the niece of Edgar Wherry, who named many of the wildflowers of West Virginia’s shale barrens, years and years ago. I mentioned and credited Mr. Wherry for such in a recent article published in “Wonderful West Virginia” magazine.

“We lived in Cass, W.Va,” she said, “and Uncle Edgar, when he visited, spent his time exploring the mountains.”

She also said she is old enough to be my great-grandmother. Thus, I was right about the hand writing.

I just had to write and let you know my joy from reading your most interesting article.”

Hand-written, in perfect script.

Thanks, Mrs. Kittle. You just made my day.