Fralimi Services

sprigs_leaf2Advocates of local and organic food practices, FRAnk & LIsa MInney raise and grow a large portion of their own food. They also believe in holistic and preventative measures, seeking herbal and natural solutions when possible.

With more than a dozen free range hens, four bee hives, a vegetable garden, herb garden, a shiitake log shack, and edible flower garden, Fralimi Services produces a large variety of items and offers a variety of farm services made available to local clients.

In season, Fralimi takes orders for heirloom tomatoes, lettuces, and other vegetables. All the eggs produced by their free range hens are for current standing orders only.

sprigs_blueFralimi Farms produces a variety of specialty products, including five strains of shiitake mushrooms, which are available fresh, dried whole or as dry powder (for thickening stews and gravies).  Fralimi also offers four species of asparagus, and potent horseradish.