Hurry Up and Wait

Wednesday morning is delivery day — the most enjoyable day of my work week.

On Wednesday morning, the editor takes the paper to the printer in Spencer, then calls me when it’s done. At that point, I leave my house to meet him in the middle of the county, and from there he goes one way, and I go the other.

There’s no telling when that phone call will come.

It could come as early as 8 a.m. – so I make sure I’m ready to leave by then.

However, the call usually comes around 9 a.m., so I spend an hour piddling through the house but near the phone.

Sometimes though, the call doesn’t come until 10, 11 or later. But still, I’m just waiting, and must be near the phone – so I don’t run the sweeper, enter the laundry room, visit the garden.

Each Wednesday, I set the alarm, hurry up and get ready, and then wait.

Guaranteed, if I start a project while waiting, the phone will ring early. If I make plans for after the delivery run, the phone will ring late.

This entire situation, I think, has taught me some patience over the past few years. But, not much.

Often, now, on Wednesday morning, part of my routine includes watching the birds at the feeder, catching up on email, checking in on one of the blogs I read.

I thought for sure if I started writing this entry, the phone would ring…

But alas, I wait still.