NOW it’s winter. Finally. Plus, Daisy Photos.

While the rest of the nation has been fighting severe winter weather, most of us here in the Mid-Ohio Valley have been dealing with rain. Days of rain. Soggy ground. Mud, mud and more mud.

Freezing temperatures just hit us last week as our trees and bushes were beginning to bud. Today, within a few hours, there has been an accumlation of one inch of snow.

It’s about time.

(Mother, are you wearing the snow boots I got you for Christmas?)

The lake is white, the birds are feasting at the feeder (a red-headed woodpecker at this very moment).

This is Daisy’s first snow accumulation. She loves it. She spent her first five minutes outside, running around sporadically, stopping every few few to take a new taste test of the white stuff. Boy, did she ever want to just run.

So, I put on my coat and gloves and my new snow boots, and we went for a walk.  She is such a hound dog.

Now she’s ten months old, and I realize I haven’t posted any recent photos of her — there are tons, especially since we got a fabulous new digital camera for Christmas. So, I’ve picked my favorites to share: