Pockets of Peace

There must be spaces that are neutral.

And they cannot only exist in nature, but must also exist in our society, our culture, our industrialized spaces. If our nation is truly one where all are created equal, then our society must have spaces where all people are treated with equal respect.

There must be spaces where no one makes rash judgments, no one feels compelled to convince others, pressured to prove themselves or their beliefs. There must be places that are a reprieve from the battle, places where we can interact cordially regardless of cultural, political or spiritual opinion. There must be spaces where the things that divide us do not matter, where the common behavior is civility, and the common goal is kindness.

There must be spaces in our society where we can feel secure and un-assaulted by the disasters of this dictatorship. In the midst of massive uprisings, incessant oppression, wide-spread fear, and televised hatred, there must be pockets of peace.

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