Stumptown Publishing LLC

The Cover of the First Issue - September 2007
The cover of the first issue – September 2007.

Lisa and Frank Minney founded Stumptown Publishing LLC in 2007, before launching their first magazine, Two-Lane Livin. Now the largest grassroots publication in West Virginia, Two-Lane Livin’ is free to readers in 16 counties of the state. Columns are written by volunteers and 90% of the magazine’s content is exclusive. The magazine consistently maintains a 99% average readership rate.

Stumptown Publishing also offers photography, writing and consulting services.  Lisa is also a popular speaker who also teaches at a local college and leads Writer’s Workshops. Frank is a freelance nature photographer.

July2010COVERJPGThis small publishing house is community oriented. Staff recycles, participates in the local Adopt-A-Highway, donates magazines to the Veteran’s Hospital, beverage can tabs to Ronald McDonald House, books to a school library on an Indian Reservation, and collects expired coupons that wives of active servicemen can still use at the base px.

Subscriptions to their magazine help keep their rural post office open, and the articles in their publication are both entertaining, educational and cultural. Two-Lane Livin’ is archived in the West Virginia Division of Culture and History and in the Glenville State College Robert F. Kidd Library.

Stumptown Publishing has also published four books, The Seasons of Audra, Thus Far, Calhoun County Christmas Sampler and Gilmer County Christmas Sampler.