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Life in the Slow Lane:
Collected Pieces from Ten Years of Two-Lane Livin’

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Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine featured more than 35 columnists over a decade, and Lisa Hayes-Minney’s column, “Two-Lane for Life,” appeared in all 123 issues. During her tenure as editor, publisher, and columnist for Two-Lane Livin’, she tried to learn about homesteading and farming from other columnists and her own research; apply the principles of sustainable, simple living to her own life; and share those experiences with her readers. Several columnists from the magazine have compiled their work into books, and we hope you will enjoy their collections as well as this assembly of some of Lisa’s personal favorites from her own column in the magazine.
Foreword by author and musician, Mack Samples. First Edition, 6X9″.

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Essays of Empathy
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by Lisa Hayes-Minney
This portable pocket book includes two award-winning essays relating to survival and recovery, presenting a theme of empathy for others. “Old Scars, New Wounds” tells the story of two women who have been affected by murder, and “Little One” is the story of an abused beagle who helps a victim of violence heal and survive. Both essays include beautiful description, deep reflection, and expressions of love that will wrench, then lift your heart.
First edition, 4.25×6.88″.

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Favorite Reflections: Revisiting a Small-Town Newspaper Reporter’s First Year
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by Lisa Hayes-Minney
“When I accepted the reporter position at the newspaper, I thought I would work there for the rest of my life. I was younger then, and I thought my “schooling” had provided me the knowledge I needed to manage the job. My first year taught me otherwise. In addition to covering news, local issues, and events, I wrote a weekly column, “Reporter’s Reflections,” which allowed me to give comments and opinions on the news stories I had written. This collection of reflections from my first year will provide some entertainment, but also a glimpse into what the life of a new reporter covering small-town life is like.”
Foreword by poet Lisa M. Sheldon. Second Edition, 6X9″. Originally released in 2009.

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