Vintage Typoetry

Personalized Poems
(or poem or greeting of your choice)
Printed with Vintage Typewriters

DSC09724Are you looking for a special, personal gift your loved one can keep and enjoy forever? How about a fantastic momento to thank your wedding guests or conference guests for attending your special event?


Vintage Typoetry can create a customized personal poem for your special someone simply by asking you a few questions. Then we’ll print the poem for you on high quality, hand made paper with one of our vintage manual typewriters. We can even place the poem in a mat frame or place it in a hand-decorated card and mail it for you through the United States Postal Service.


Personalized Message–
Vintage typed on hand-decorated card: $10 + s/h

(Mailed directly to the recipient if you wish.)

Personalized Message, vintage typed on high-quality paper and mounted in a 5×7 mat: $12 + s/h


We can also be booked for events! Pay a flat fee for the whole day, and we’ll write free poems for all your guests, providing them entertainment and a unique gift to remember the day by. Contact for more information.